The MABAS Division VI Technical rescue team was formed in early 2004, after selection by the Illinois Terroism Task Force to be a regional team. The team consists of 27 members from the DeKalb Fire Department, Sycamore Fire Department, Shabbona Fire Department and Rochelle Fire Department. Training was conducted over the years of 2004, 2005, and 2006. This training was over 400 hours, and brought every member to the technician level in all 4 TRT diciplines. Because the team was selected as a regional team they also received an equipment cache from the Illinois Terroism Task Force thru MABAS. This cache is being kept at the DeKalb Fire Department on their Rescue #6 and supplemental equipment is on their Rescue #1. The team conducts drills on a bi-monthly basis which last for 8 hours. The team has validated in 2006 and 2011 at the Illinois fire Service Institute, which is a requirment for all teams to complete before they can be deployed. The team came thru validation with one of the best scores in the State of Illinois. If further information is needed feel free to contact the team leader:
TRT Team Leader
Battalion Chief James P. Zarek
DeKalb Fire Department
(Red Shift)
[email protected] m
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